Peter Rutman

Peter Rutman is a tax expert currently working towards his Chartered Financial Analyst and M.S. in mathematics and financial analysis. He is also a lifelong musician and accomplished concert jazz pianist. He has performed overseas and composed once for the Sundance film festival.
As the owner of the that specializes in financial-controller administration he often performs business consultations on numerous projects. Rutman Corporation is also the owner of Chronos Registered Investment Advisor. Mr. Rutman has a solid background in real estate and has been a general partner. He also manages member in private real estate syndications that specialized in residential rental properties in San Diego.
Mr. Rutman holds federal and state licenses: Internal Revenue Service in taxation, Real  Estate, Securities, and Life Insurance.
He is a member for life with Mensa International, an Inventor with two patents, and is the author of two genre books.
Mr. Rutman has received public service awards from the U.S. Navy, San Diego Police, City of San Diego, Office of Congress, San Diego School District, et al.

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