Peter Rutman

Your partner in the art of wealth management

You’ve worked hard for your money, now you want to put it to work for you. But from investments to real estate to taxation, wealth management can be bewildering. You’d like to find a trusted partner in the process, an expert who has your best interests at heart and excels in all areas of your financial life.

When you work with Peter Rutman, you’ll find the advisor you’ve been looking for. For more than two decades, Peter has provided corporate and individual clients with customized service for their unique tax, investment, and real estate needs. He will become a true partner in your financial life, listening to your goals, crafting an individualized approach to help you reach them, and working tirelessly to see them through.

Driven by a passion for service and informed by extensive experience and training, Peter is committed to seeing the big picture, sweating the small stuff, and maintaining the highest ethical standards. He is committed to the art of wealth management.

And he is committed to you.



Peter Rutman is a tax expert, investment advisor, and real estate consultant. He is the owner of The Rutman Corporation, specializing in financial-controller administration, and Chronos, where he is a registered investment advisor upholding the highest fiduciary obligations to his clients. He functions as both a wealth counselor and a facilitator, working with high-net-worth individuals to help them structure and fund their companies, manage their tax liability, and connect with the right specialists. An innovative thinker who views finance as both an art and a science, Peter has consulted on major business projects, complex real-estate agreements, and residential rental-property developments. Peter holds numerous federal and state licenses in multiple financial fields, including Internal Revenue Service taxation, securities, life insurance, and real estate.

Peter is also a life member of Mensa International, an inventor with two patents, and an avid writer. He has received public service awards from the United States Navy, the San Diego Police Department, the City of San Diego, the Office of Congress, and the San Diego School District. In addition, he is a lifelong musician and accomplished concert jazz pianist and composer. He has performed overseas and composed for the Sundance Film Festival.



  • Taxes – Enrolled Agent 112105
  • Investments – IAR & RIA Firm Owned CRD No. 142722
  • Securities – (Unregistered) Series 7 24 6 63 65 66 CRD No. 1260408
  • Insurance – Life & Disability Agent 0667310
  • Real Estate – Realtor & Agent 00882676
  • Expert Witness – California Superior Court