San Diego Investment Services

Chronos is part of our business that helps you with general investments. We provide various asset management and financial planning services, with an emphasis on using mutual funds to help achieve your goals and objectives. Our focus is on helping you develop and execute financial and investment plans that are designed to build and preserve your wealth. Our team helps you allocate your money for a future benefit.


Financial Planning

We provide services such as:

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • State planning
  • Business planning
  • Tax planning
  • Educational planning
  • Special project planning

Fee based financial planning is a comprehensive relationship which incorporates many different aspects of your financial status into an overall written plan that is designed to meet your goals and objectives. The financial planning relationship consists of face to face meetings and ad hoc meetings with your other advisors (attorneys, accountants, etc.).
Asset Management/Investment Management
Asset management is the professional management of securities (stocks, bonds and other securities) and assets (e.g., real estate) in order to meet your specific investment goals. With an Asset/Investment Management Account, you engage us to assist you in developing a personalized asset allocation program and custom-tailored portfolios designed to meet your unique investment objectives. The investments in the portfolio account may include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, equity options, futures, etc. We do not impose a minimum dollar value on the size of account we will accept.
Other Services
We may recommend and sell life insurance, and accident and health insurance. We will receive the usual and customary commissions associated with these sales from the insurance company. You will not pay a separate fee for these and your advisory fee will not be reduced by any payments we receive from these sales.
We also offer fixed-fee project-based services including existing portfolio reviews. We can also provide research and advice concerning any legal and legitimate investment for which public information is readily available.
We can provide you with an abbreviated financial plan using our MoneyGuidePro software.